The Cape Symphony is governed by a 24-member Board of Trustees and employs ten full time professionals.
The organization is supported by functional consultants, an active Guild and local volunteers.


Douglas MacDonald, Chair
Ellen A. Dickinson, Vice Chair
Marilyn M. Bruneau, Treasurer
Kimberly K. Williams, Secretary
Patricia Cahill
Jacqueline DeRuyter
Theresa Egan
Gerald Garnick
Irene Haney
Henry Holden
Kevin Howard
Joseph Keller
Lisa Maini
David McGraw
Elizabeth McNichols Dunning
John Sargent
Robert Sennott, Jr.
Christian Valle


Sally Haven
Gershom D. Hall
Marion M. Myers
Walter J. Meier
Frederick J. Duncan, Jr., M.D.
Forrest W. Seymour
W. Scott Allen
Robert S. Neese
Scott Himstead
Edward Gelsthorpe
Frederick K. Plumb
Allan Ray Putnam
Daniel Serpico
Victor von Schlegell
Kenneth Brock
Sally Haven
Gerald S. Garnick
F. Stephen Mainero
Warren Marsh
John A. Ketchum
Elizabeth McNichols Dunning




Stephanie Weaver, Executive Director
508.362.2772 x104

Linda Mawhinney, Chief Operating Officer
774.470.2282 x104

Jeanne Long, Director of Development
774.470.2282 x116

Eric R. Steinhilber, Development Manager

Betsy Reney, Development Associate
774.470.2282 x110

Lisa Kane, Business Operations Manager
508.362.2772 x102

Gail Dunford, Director of Marketing
508.362.2772 x100

Lindsay Caputo, Marketing Associate
508.362.2772 x101

Christy King, Director of Education & Outreach
508.362.2772  x106

Joseph Dudzinski, Program Manager
508.362.2772 x105

Mary George, Falmouth Campus Manager

Amy Johnson, Barnstable Registrar

Amber Broderick, Falmouth Registrar

Maria Rindenello-Parker, Barnstable Registrar