Bo Ericsson
Bo Ericsson - Cello

Mr. Ericsson is an active and much sought-after performer of chamber music, including his work with his wife, Liz, in the Schultze-Ericsson Cello Duo.  Mr. Ericsson and Ms. Schultze live in East Orleans where he operates a workshop repairing violins and cellos.

Mr. Ericsson, a native of Skovde, Sweden, graduated from Gothenborg Conservatory of Music and the Swedish Radio School of Music in Stockholm where he studied with Erling Bengtsson. Further studies included Anthony Pini and William Pleeth in London and the Amadeus String Quarter in Cologne, Germany. Mr. Ericsson has performed with the Gothenborg Symphony, Swedish Radio Orchestra, Upsala Chamber Soloists and served for six years as the principal cellist with the Bergen (Norway) Philharmonic.  A founding member of the Berwald String Quartet, he toured all over Europe with that group in performances that included the premiere works of many of the Continent’s top composers.