Teaching Artist:  Susan Pennington

This spring in art history we will explore Fra Angelico: Heaven on Earth at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. A Dominican friar, Fra Angelico was so-named because of the angelic character of his many religious paintings.The exhibit reunites panels of an altarpiece that have not been displayed together for two centuries.  The course will also study the Gardner collection, which includes Giotto, Botticelli, Raphael, Michelangelo, Titian, Rembrandt, Rubens, Degas, Manet, Whistler, Sargent, and Matisse. Additionally, we will discuss the development of Boston’s Fenway district, where the Museum is located, and the architecture of Renzo Piano, who designed the 2012 addition.

Ms. Pennington has a Master's degree in Art History from the University of Wisconsin. She has taught at the Cape Cod Community College, Falmouth Academy and the International School of Bergen, Norway.

Falmouth Campus  |  APR 3-MAY 22  |  Tuesdays, 1-3pm  |  $78  |  Register
Barnstable Campus  |  APR 5-MAY 24  |  Thursdays, 1-3pm  |  $78  |  Register



Travel with art historian, Susan Pennington, for a tour of the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston to view the exhibit, Fra Angelico: Heaven on Earth. 

Renaissance master Fra Angelico transformed the history of western art with his breathtaking paintings. Heaven on Earth reunites the Gardner's magnificent Assumption and Dormition of the Virgin, acquired by Isabella in 1899, and the first Fra Angelico to reach the United States, with its three companions from the Museo di San Marco, Florence.  Exhibit Details

Bus trip with museum admission: $60
Departing our Falmouth campus
:  Wednesday, May 9, 9:30am  |  To register call 508-540-0611
Departing our Barnstable campus: Thursday, May 10, 9:30am; departing Sagamore Park & Ride, 9:45am  |  To register call 508-362-2772

Intermediate Photography - Spring 2018

Teaching Artist: Dorene Sykes

If you have enough knowledge to take your camera off "automatic" mode and you're composing and shooting better pictures, this class will take you to the next level by strengthening your creative and technical skills across a variety of genres. Through interactive lectures, handouts, and photo critiques, you'll learn about the art of seeing, visual design, black & white photography, portraiture, and scenic photography. Two classes will be actual photo shoots including a waterside location and a portrait session. Please bring a camera, manual and 4-5 photos you have taken to the first class. 
Prerequisites: A digital SLR camera and completion of the instructor's Basic Photography class or a basic knowledge of how to control exposure, depth of field and motion using aperture and shutter priority modes are required.
Falmouth Campus  |  APR 7-MAY 19, 2018  |  Saturdays, 9-11:30am  |  $128  |  Register


We Testimonials!

"Just completed Dorene's Basic Photography course. I am delighted to have started my photography journey with Dorene. Her instruction, built on the elements of achieving the desired artistic exposure while gaining experience in presentation and composition, was a thoroughly enjoyable and positive experience. She not only understands but practices positive reinforcement during her critiques during which we all learned to appreciate each other's work and find our own inspiration." -Holly Mattai

"I had a great time learning about my camera and how to achieve results I can be proud of. Each week I was excited to attend and looked forward to gaining more knowledge. Thank you so much, Dorene, I loved both of your classes." - Dorothy G.