The Arts
can give us hope, inspire us to action, move us to tears, and bring us closer together. The arts matter.
The Conservatory is committed to providing the highest-caliber arts education possible! This is the perfect place to discover - or rediscover - your passion for the arts. 


Adult Class & Ensemble Highlights:
The Conservatory Jazz program enables teens and adults of all skill levels the chance to play jazz standards just like professionals on a bandstand. Class emphasis is on ensemble playing and improvisation. Students will perform a concert for families and friends at the end of the session.
Turn it up! The Conservatory's C-Rock program invites all instrumentalists and singers to join the band. Gregg Sullivan, formerly of Blood, Sweat & Tears, directs the program, working with students to perform in a band setting. The session culminates with a concert for family & friends.

String Ensembles
The Conservaory offers two enriching opportunities for adults who have basic facility on stringed instruments. Weekly rehearsals are held in fun, supportive yet structured settings. The ensembles perform recitals for family and friends at the end of the session. 
Flute Ensembles
Both our Falmouth and Barnstable campuses present special opportunities for flute players with previous experience. By focusing on intonation, rhythm, tone, and technique, students learn how to blend within the ensemble to create a unique and beautiful sound. End-of-semester performances enhance the learning experience.
Join one of our three adult singing groups for adults of all skills levels. In the introductory course, students will develop and improve their skills, while the more advanced group participates in performances throughout the Cape. 
Group Music Lessons
Introductory classes in Piano, Violin, Guitar, and Ukulele! 

Private Music Lessons
The core of music education and the core discipline of the Cape Conservatory. Whether you dream of being center stage, or you just want to incorporate music into your life in a meaningful way, we will help you find the instructor who enhances your artistic journey. 

Art Appreciation with Optional Day Trip
Delve into the world of Fra Angelico with esteemed art historian, Susan Pennington. Learn more about the Dominican friar, Fra Angelico who was so-named because of the angelic character of his many religious paintings. The class culminates with an optional field trip to the Isabella Steward Gardner Museum to view the exhibit “Fra Angelico: Heaven on Earth.” Adults do not need to register for the class to attend the day trip. 
Music Appreciation
A 10-week chronological exploration of the major musical periods from the Renaissance to the Modern era. Learn about major composers as never before, as ordinary people behind extraordinary music and myth. Unravel the mysteries behind secret patrons and commissions as we discuss Mozart and Beethoven, Mendelssohn and Brahms.Topics include: women in music, political influences on music, and dismantling the “composer as hero” myth.