Teaching Artist: Nancy Pettibone


Drawing & Painting  |  Ages 3-5
Discover all kinds of ways to draw and paint in this vibrant class for preschoolers.  New projects each week. 
APR 2-JUN 4  |  Mondays, 1-1:45pm  |  $109  |  Register

Creation Station | Ages 3-4
New projects each session in this fun and popular class for our Conservatory preschool students. Preschool-age students from outside the Conservatory are welcome to join Art Club on Fridays.
APR 26-JUN 7  |  Thursdays, 1-1:45pm  |  $95  |  Register

Art Club | Ages 4-5
An exciting introduction for preschoolers in a warm, supportive environment. Kid-friendly projects are designed to highlight the creative process of making art, exploring a wealth of non-toxic materials such as paints, glue, clay, and drawing tools. New projects each session.
APR 6 - MAY 4  |  Fridays, 1-1:45pm  |  $54  |  Register
MAY 11 - JUN 1  |  Fridays, 1-1:45pm  |  $54  |  Register

Rainforest Animals | Ages 5-9
Keep a record of the toucans, monkeys and other wild creatures we see on our visit to the rainforest.
APR 3-MAY 1  |  Tuesdays, 4-5:00pm  |  $55  |  Register

Backyard Animals | Ages 5-9
Did you know that squirrels can swim? Learn more fun facts about those living near us as we draw, paint and create these animal neighbors!
MAY 8-MAY 29  |  Tuesdays, 4-5:00pm  |  $55  |  Register

Creative Cartooning | Ages 5-9
Fun, quick and energizing lessons will help you improve your skills no matter what your style. After that, you'll enjoy plenty of time to cartoon on your own.
MAY 10-MAY 31  |  Thursdays, 4-5pm  |  $55  |  Register

Drawing & More  |  Ages 9-12
Young artists will explore techniques each week through quick demonstrations and then pursue their personal interests. New lessons each session.
APR 6-MAY 4  |  Fridays, 4-5:30pm  |  $85  |  Register
MAY 11-JUN 1  |  Fridays, 4-5:30pm  | $85  |  Register

Art Studio  |  Ages 12 +
This hands-on class is designed for teenagers to refine their artistic skills and expand their personal expression. Use your choice of the variety of materials available. Both traditional and abstract art will be welcomed! The instructor is always available for individual support and feedback.
APR 4-MAY 2  |  Wednesdays, 4-5:30pm  |  $85  |  Register
MAY 9-MAY 30  |  Wednesdays, 4-5:30pm  |  $85  |  Register



Treat your child and a group of friends to a fun, hands-on, art-themed birthday party at the Conservatory!
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