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Teaching Artist: Nancy Pettibone


Drawing & Painting  |  Ages 3-5
Discover all kinds of ways to draw and paint in this vibrant class for preschoolers.  New projects each week. 
Session 1: SEP 18- OCT 30 (no class on 10/9) | Mondays, 1-1:45pm | $81  | Join the class in progress at discounted tuition. Call 508.362.2772 or email
Session 2: NOV 6 -DEC 18 | Mondays, 1-1:45pm |  $95  |  Register

Creation Station | Ages 3-4
New projects each session in this fun and popular class for our Conservatory preschool students. Preschool-age students from outside the Conservatory are welcome to join Art Club on Fridays.
Session 1: SEP 21-OCT 26 | Thursdays, 1-1:45pm |  $81  |  Join the class in progress at a discounted tuition. Call 508.362.2772 or email
Session 2: NOV 2-DEC 21 | Thursdays, 1-1:45  (no class on Thanksgiving) | $95  |  Register

Art Club | Ages 4-5
An exciting introduction for preschoolers in a warm, supportive environment. Kid-friendly projects are designed to highlight the creative process of making art, exploring a wealth on non-toxic materials such as paints, glue, clay, and drawing tools. New projects each session.
OCT 27-DEC 15 | Fridays, 1-1:45pm  (No Class on 11/10, 11/24, 12/22) |  $81  |  Register

AGES 5-9

Animals We Love  |  Ages 5-9
Explore the worlds of all your favorite creatures through drawing, painting, and clay.
OCT 10 - OCT 31  | Tuesdays, 4-5:00pm | $55  |  Register by calling 508-362-2772 or emailing

Clay Creations | Ages 5-9
Create air-dried clay animals, sculptures, people, faces, and things we just make up on the spot!
OCT 12-NOV 2 | Thursdays, 4-5pm | $60 includes materials  |  Register

Colorful Crafts | Ages 5-9
Make beautiful paintings, frames, birds, boats and so much more with a rainbow of eye-popping colors.
NOV 7-NOV 28 | Tuesdays, 4-5:00pm | $55  |  Register

Very Cool Reptiles | Ages 5-9
For those who love our cold-blooded friends. Explore their intriguing world through drawing, painting, collage, and clay.
NOV 9-NOV 30 | Thursdays, 4-5pm (No class on Thanksgiving) $41  |  Register

Welcome Winter | Ages 5-9
Celebrate the December solstice by drawing and painting lovely winter scenes and making seasonal decorations, little snowmen, ornaments, and crafts.
DEC 5-DEC 19 | Tuesdays, 4-5:00pm | $41  |  Register

Cartooning | Ages 5-9
Your chance to draw any kind of cartoon characters you like. Quick lessons and exercises to develop your skills will jump-start the class, then all students are free to explore their cartooning ideas.
DEC 7-DEC 21 | Thursdays, 4-5pm | $41  |  Register

AGES 6-12

Thank You, Veterans | Ages 6-12
In this special one-day class, we will honor our military veterans by creating as many thank you cards as we can. Cards will then be distributed to our vets in time for Veteran's Day, Saturday, November 11, 2017. All materials provided but pre-registration is a must. Class limit is 10 children.
Monday, November 6  | 4-4:45pm  |  FREE  |  Register


AGES 9-12

Advanced Drawing | Ages 9-12
All drawing styles and levels welcome in this friendly, supportive class. Class begins with fun exercises and guided lessons to build your drawing skills, then you will be free to pursue your own interests. Plenty of resource material is available for inspiration and instructor is always ready for questions and help.
OCT 27-DEC 15  |  Fridays, 4-5:30pm (No class 11/10, 11/24, 12/22)  |  $122  |  Register


AGES 12 & UP

Teen Art Studio  |  Ages 12 +
This hands-on class is designed for teenagers to refine their artistic skills and expand their personal expression. Use your choice of the variety of materials available. Both traditional and abstract art will be welcomed! The instructor is always available for individual support and feedback.
NOV 1-DEC 20 (no class 11/22) Wednesdays, 4-5:30pm   |  $142  |  Register  




Creation Depot  |  Ages 4-5
Teaching Artist: Jaime Ogilvy
An exciting exploration of art in a warm, friendly environment.  Art projects are age-appropriate and designed to highlight the creative process with a variety of non-toxic materials.  New projects every week! 
Session 1:  SEP 25-NOV 6  |  Mondays, 1-1:45pm  |  $95  |  Register
Session 2:  NOV 13-JAN 22  |  Mondays, 1-1:45pm  |  $110  |  Register

Creation Station  |  Ages 3-4
Teaching Artist: Jaime Ogilvy
New projects each session in this fun and popular art class for our Conservatory preschool students. 
Session 1:  SEP 28-NOV 9  |  Thursdays, 1-1:45pm  |  $95  |  Register
Session 2:
 NOV 16-JAN 25  |  Thursdays, 1-1:45pm  |  $124  |  Register



Treat your child and a group of friends to a fun, hands-on, art-themed birthday party at the Conservatory!
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