Private Music Instruction | All Ages

Private instruction is the core of music education and the core discipline of the Conservatory. Lessons are offered year-round for children and adults, from beginning through advanced levels in all major instruments and voice. Both Conservatory campuses are set in tranquil, wooded areas and our staff and faculty provide a welcoming, nurturing atmosphere. An expert faculty with a wide range of diverse talents and personalities ensures the best-suited student/teacher match. 

Recitals are held at the end of each semester, with community performance opportunities offered throughout the year. The Conservatory also has several ensemble opportunities, including the Cape Youth Orchestra, the Cape Cod Children's Chorus and CJazz to enhance students' musicality and enjoyment.  Many of our ensembles perform in a variety of venues within the community.

Tuition varies by instructor. Average rates:
30-minutes:  $648 / Semester  |  $1,296 / Academic Year
45-minutes:  $872 / Semester  |  $1,744 / Academic Year
60-minutes:  $1,112 / Semester  |  $2,224 / Academic Year
Students and instructors work together to determine the length and frequency of lessons.

To start: Fill out the private lesson inquiry form or give our registrars a call (Barnstable 508.362.2772 | Falmouth 508.540.0611). 
Payment plans and financial aid scholarships are available. 


Suzuki at the Conservatory

“I want to make good citizens. If a child hears fine music from the day of his birth and learns to play it himself, he develops sensitivity, discipline, and endurance. He gets a beautiful heart.” ~Shin'ichi Suzuki

The Conservatory offers Suzuki-inspired instruction in violin, flute, guitar, and piano for students ages four to adult.  Pioneer educator Dr. Shinichi Suzuki, who developed this unique teaching method in the 1940s, believed that talent is not inherited, but nurtured by a child's environment. As such, he believed that children learn to play an instrument in much the same way they learn how to speak a language. His method encourages active parental involvement, daily practice and listening assignments and a combination of private lessons and group lessons with students of similar ages and abilities.

How are Suzuki lessons different than traditional lessons?
•    Parental involvement is integral with the Suzuki method 
•    Suzuki students learn by ear and by rote 
•    Suzuki students may begin at an early age
•    In addition to weekly private lessons, Suzuki students attend 10 group classes per semester 

Suzuki Schedule:
Private Suzuki-inspired lessons adhere to the Conservatory’s fall and spring academic calendar. Group classes are included in the lesson fee.

For additional information and instructor availability, please contact our registrars (Barnstable 508.362.2772 or Falmouth 508.540.0611).

Honors Performance Class 

Teaching Artist: Joseph Dudzinski

All ages, by invitation. Participants meet monthly to work on the art of performance, to collaborate with their peers, and to become more comfortable and effective in performance situations. Students prepare pieces for performance at various community sites, receive professional and peer coaching, and have the opportunity to earn modest scholarships. A student may be recommended by a Teaching Artist, Conservatory Staff, or suggested by a peer.
Barnstable  |  One session per month, schedule TBD  |  Free!



Cape Youth Orchestra Program

Music Directors: Chris Schroeder & David Gable
The Cape Youth Orchestra program brings talented young musicians of all ages and skill levels together to perform under the direction of professional conductors, musicians, and educators. Centered on fostering joy in instrumental and orchestral playing, the youth orchestra provides young musicians with enriching musical experiences that strengthen their musicianship and create lasting memories.

Program Highlights:

  • Annual performances throughout the Cape and New England region
  • Music collaborations with Conservatory programs and other performing arts organizations
  • Sectional rehearsals with musicians from the Cape Symphony and Boston
  • Chamber music opportunities and performances throughout the region
  • Season tickets for Cape Symphony's Masterpiece concert series
  • Access to masterclasses and select special events
  • A dedicated and enthusiastic team of teachers and administrative staff
  • A lifetime of musical and personal memories

Four Ways to Play:

  • CYO Philharmonic - Advanced high school symphonic orchestra (grades 9-12). 
  • CYO Chamber Strings - Intermediate string orchestra (grades 5-8 with 2+ years experience). 
  • CYO Debut Winds - Intermediate middle school wind and brass (grades 6-8 with 2+ years experience). 
  • CYO Debut Strings* - Beginner string orchestra (grades 1-5 with 1+ years experience). 

Inviting all dedicated & motivated orchestral students to audition for our 2017|18 season! 


Cape Youth Chorale

"Above all, we believe in the beauty and power of choral singing, and its ability to develop confidence, encourage self-discovery, build relationships, and acquire skills that will last a lifetime."
-Artistic Director John Yankee                

The Cape Youth Chorale is a dynamic group directed by John Yankee. Students experience the power and joy of choral music while pursuing the highest levels of excellence in vocal training and musicianship. We seek to enrich the lives of each and every student, share our music throughout the region, and build a reputation not only on the Cape but beyond.

Students experience and perform a variety of musical styles and historic periods, including folk, world, popular and classical songs. This is a wonderful opportunity for children to discover and uncover more about themselves and their "natural instrument," while making new friends, joyful music, and terrific memories.

Cape Youth Chorale Ensembles:

  • Concert Choir - Our flagship choir of intermediate to advanced singers. The Concert Choir may have additional performance opportunities, including holiday concerts with the Falmouth Chorale. 
  • Junior Choir -  Students ages 8 & up are welcome to join but we request new students audition with the director.
  • Debut Choir - An exciting training choir for students ages 5-9. No audition necessary to join!


Jazz:  Born in America. Enjoyed worldwide.CJazz ~ The Conservatory Jazz Ensembles

Ages 12-Adults
Program Director: Bart Weisman

The CJazz program enables teen and adult musicians of all skill levels a chance to play jazz standards just like professionals on a bandstand. Students will play all styles of jazz (bebop, swing, Latin, 3/4, smooth, and standards). They will become comfortable with improvisation, perform in a recital, and have fun playing America's Classical Music, Jazz!  

CJazz ensembles have performed concerts, private events, corporate functions, and even at Governor Baker’s inaugural celebration. Students will perform a recital for family & friends on the final day of each session. Program Director Bart Weisman is a Cape Cod jazz musician, bandleader and concert producer.

Barnstable  |  SEP 9-OCT 28  |  Saturdays, 1:30-2:30pm  |  $158  |  Register
Falmouth  |  SEP 12- NOV 7  |  Tuesdays, 6-7pm  |  $158  |  Register

Jazz Improvisation, Theory, and Harmony 

Ages 13 - Adult

Teaching Artist:  Dr. Alan Clinger
Jazz musician Dr. Alan Clinger will lead students on an exploration of jazz improvisation, discussing theory and harmony that is unique to improvising. Students will discover how to shape solos, use dynamics effectively, and employ re-harmonization techniques. We'll also look at how to analyze and interpret songs, make effective performance decisions, and work successfully with an ensemble. This is a FREE class suitable to all intrumentalists! 
Barnstable  |  FREE Class! | SEP 9-OCT 28  |  Saturdays, 2:30pm-3:30pm  |  FREE


C-Rock - Conservatory Rock Band!    

Ages 13-Adult
Teaching Artist:  Gregg Sullivan

Turn it up! All instruments and singers are welcome in the Conservatory's new Rock Band, directed by Gregg Sullivan formerly of Blood, Sweat & Tears. Students will learn to perform in a band setting, playing all styles of rock music. The session culminates with a performance for family & friends on October 28. 

Barnstable  |  SEP 9-OCT 28  |  Saturdays, 2:30-3:30pm  |  $158  |  Register
Falmouth   FEB 6, 2018 - APR 3, 2018  |  Wednesdays, 6-7pm  |  $158  |  Email to pre-register



The Singer’s Toolbox for Teens and Adults

Teaching Artist: Drusilla Sunderman
This course is a one-on-one setting for singers who are looking to learn how to accompany themselves on the piano. Arrangements can include pop music, folk music, music from the Beatles, Broadway and more. Singers will learn chord structure, key signatures, time signatures and different rhythms. Working with the student’s favorite tunes, students will learn how to accompany while singing at the piano and how to read music. Singers will play a song during the first lesson! 
Classes are offered on Wednesdays & Thursdays at our Barnstable campus, class times vary. Please contact the Conservatory for details. 508.362.2772  


Get Ready for Piano

Ages 4-5
Teaching Artist:  Natalie Sakanian (Barnstable)  and Kathleen Kanaley (Falmouth)
A fun-filled introduction to playing the piano!  We will sing, move, and play while learning finger numbers, basic rhythmic patterns, keyboard geography, and active listening. Students will use digital pianos as well as rhythm instruments and iPads to learn about music.  At the end of the eight-week course, students will be familiar with the piano and able to play a few fun songs.

Barnstable  |  Session 1  |  SEP 29-NOV 17  |  Fridays, 1-1:45pm  |  Register
  |  Session 1  |  SEP 20-NOV 8  |  Wednesdays, 1-1:45pm  |  $145  |  Still time to join!  Register with pro-rated tuition. Call 508-540-0611 or email
  |  Session 2  |  NOV 15-JAN 17  |  Wednesdays, 1-1:45 pm  |  $165  |  Register  

Piano Explorers  

Ages 5-11
Teaching Artists: Rosemarie Manganello 
Group piano classes are the perfect way to explore and experience the joy of music. Students are taught in small groups in a FUN, positive, enthusiastic atmosphere. Piano Explorers emphasizes ear training, keyboard skills, rhythm, phrasing, fingering, singing, staff reading, improvisation, and composition. Our new digital keyboard laboratory is enhanced with iPads to enrich the student experience, exploring a variety of music-technology apps. 
Falmouth  |  Ages 5-7  |  SEP 11-JAN 22  |  Mondays, 4-4:45pm  |  $330  |  Register

Barnstable  |  Ages 5-7  |  NOV 2-JAN 25  |  Thursdays, 4:15-5pm  |  $230  |  Register
Barnstable  |  Ages 8-11  |  NOV 2-JAN 25  |  Thursdays, 5-5:45pm  |  $230  |  Register



Ages 5-6
Teaching Artist: Dan Flonta
This class is designed for students who have graduated from the Cape Conservatory Preschool Suzuki Violin program. The structure is similar to the Suzuki Preschool class - 15 minutes private lessons for each student and group classes each month. The class will have the opportunity to be involved to participate in the advanced Suzuki violin group class as well as two studio recitals.
Barnstable  |  OCT 7-JAN 20  | Saturdays, 9:15-10am  |  $240  |  Register


Ages 7-13
Teaching Artist: Gregg Sullivan
An introductory group guitar course designed for youth students looking to learn the basics of music notation, chords, picking and strumming techniques.  Song selections will be chosen from a variety of genres in order to promote the best learning environment.  Students will be required to provide their own guitar. Call us at 508.362.2772 for more information!


Ages 13 & up
Teaching Artist:  Joe Scott
The "world's friendliest instrument" is a great place for students of all ages to begin an exploration into string instruments.  No experience is necessary; students pick up chords and strumming techniques easily, hearing their own progress after just a class or two.  Playing and performing with new friends makes learning even more interactive and relaxed. Students may borrow a ukulele from the Conservatory for class but should have one at home for practice. Call us at 508.362.2772 for more information!



Discovering Music (Family Music Time)

Ages: Infants & Toddlers up to 36 months
Teaching Artist:  Christy King 
A fun morning class for children and their caregivers to sing, move, and play! This research-based, inspiring program is founded on experiencing & learning music in a similar, natural progression to experiencing & learning language. Children will play, sings songs, and move to the music in an encouraging and inspiring environment with the joy of their caregivers making music with them, and the support of the teaching artist. This rich musical setting will serve as a platform for music-making at home, providing song and game ideas for parents to use with their children to guide them in developing a love and an “ear” for music at a young age!
Barnstable  | NOV 13-JAN 29  |  Mondays, 9-9:30am  |  $90  |  Register

Falmouth  |  Session 1  |  SEP 26-OCT 31  |  Tuesdays, 9-9:30am  |  $68  |  Register
Falmouth  |  Session 2  |  NOV 7-JAN 9  |  Tuesdays,  9-9:30am  |  $90  |  Register

Exploring Music

Ages 3-4
Teaching Artist: Kathleen Kanaley
A fun, hands-on music class for preschoolers! Each eight-week session will introduce students to new instruments, musical concepts, basic musical notation, and significant musical works of various genres, through a variety of movement activities, games, and songs. Music will be used to teach participants different social pragmatics and to develop important critical listening skills. Students will also develop their singing voices, sense of rhythm, and use musical technology to further ear training and overall music development.  

Falmouth  |  SEP 19-NOV 7  |  Tuesdays, 1-2pm  |  $116  |  Register
Falmouth  |  NOV 14-JAN 9 |  Tuesdays, 1-2pm  |  $116  |  Register