About:  The nationally-recognized curriculum provides students in 2nd through 8th grade an in-depth study of 16-20 selected compositions each year. The music is chosen from the five historical periods: Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Contemporary. Prominent composers of orchestral, vocal, choral, band and keyboard pieces are featured.

Students engage in a wide range of artistic activities, including creative and structured movement, singing, and performing on rhythm and melody instruments. As they become aware of the structure of each piece—its melodic, harmonic and rhythmic patterns and the instrumentation or voices used--they are able to identify works and composers upon hearing only a few bars. Students develop critical thinking, pattern recognition, emotional involvement and creative expression skills.

The Competition:  The year-long Music Memory curriculum culminates in a Name-That-Tune style competition featuring the Cape Symphony Orchestra.  Free of charge to participating schools.

For Teachers: The Cape Conservatory provides specialized training sessions with a teacher who has worked extensively with the program, at no cost. Music teachers receive an education packet, including Video Maps, recordings, lesson plans and more as part of their training.  Video Maps are visual animated guides for first-time listeners to help them easily understand how music is constructed. 


What: Music Appreciation Program, Team Competition & Field Trip to the Symphony
For: Students, Grades 3-6
From: Participating Cape & Islands Schools
When:  Wed., May 29, 2019  |  11am
Where:  Cape Cod Church, Route 151, East Falmouth
Cost:  Annual curriculum is $100 for CDs and PDF version or $130 for CDs & hard copy of curriculum
Contact: Kyle Spraker, Director of Education and Outreach
FOR MORE INFORMATION:  Contact Kyle Spraker, Director of Community Outreach & Education, at 508-362-2772or