Adult summer programs

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Private instruction is the core of music education and the core discipline of the Conservatory. Lessons are offered year-round for children and adults, from beginning through advanced levels in all major instruments and voice. Both Conservatory campuses are set in tranquil, wooded areas and our staff and faculty provide a welcoming, nurturing atmosphere. An expert faculty with a wide range of diverse talents and personalities ensures the best-suited student/teacher match. 
Students and instructors work together to determine the length and frequency of lessons.
Tuition varies by instructor. 

To start: Fill out the private lesson inquiry form or give our registrars a call (Barnstable 508-362-2772 | Falmouth 508.540.0611 508-540-0611 
Payment plans and financial aid scholarships are available. 


For those who have always wanted to play the piano! Students will learn several simple songs, but more importantly, they will obtain the tools necessary to play for their own enjoyment at any time. Level 1 classes include a music book.

BARNSTABLE CAMPUS (Teaching Artists Joe Dudzinski (Thursdays) and Chris Morris (Wednesdays):
LEVEL 1  |  July 11 - August 15  |  Thursdays, 5:30-6:30pm  |  $170  |  Register
LEVEL 1  |  July 10 - August 14  |  Wednesdays, 2:15-3:15pm  |  $170  |  Register
LEVEL 2  |  July 10 - August 14  |  Wednesdays, 3:15-4:15pm  |  $150  |  Register

FALMOUTH CAMPUS (Teaching Artist Fred Johnson):
LEVEL 1  |  July 9 - July 25 |  Tuesdays & Thursdays, 4-5pm  |  $170  |  Register
LEVEL 1  |  July 10 - August 14  |  Wednesdays, 5-6pm  |  $170  |  Register
LEVEL 2  |  July 10 - August 14  |  Wednesdays, 6-7pm  |  $150  |  Register


If you love to sing, but only feel comfortable singing on your own, this small, supportive group class is for you!  Students will develop and improve their vocal range, pitch, tone, breathing, phrasing and more! In just six sessions, adults will learn to sing a few simple songs with confidence.
Barnstable  |  July 8 - August 12  |  Mondays, 5:30-6:30pm  |  $118  |  Register



Open to adults who have relative or secure confidence in their singing ability and would like to sing with an ensemble. Along with weekly rehearsals, Encore Adult Singers will occasionally participate in casual public performances. Repertoire selections are diverse and enjoyable.
Barnstable  |  July 8 - August 12  |  Mondays, 6:30-7:30pm  |  $118  |  Register


Adult community members looking to begin singing or just for a refresher course will benefit greatly from studying voice with teaching artist Fred Johnson. Students will learn how to sing or how to improve their singing voice in this 30-minute class that precedes Sing the American Standards.
Falmouth  |  July 9 - August 13  |  Tuesdays, 6-6:30pm  |  $78  |  Register


Using songs from the American Songbook, brush up your vocal skills.  The class will cover breathing, tone, diction, phrasing and performance skills, while enjoying some of the most beloved American Standards.
Falmouth  |  July 9 - August 13  |  Tuesdays, 6:30-7:30pm  |  $118  |  Register



A multigenerational ensemble for string students of all ages & skill levels. Students develop technical and rhythmic skills through the ensemble experience, in a low-pressure setting. The group performs a diverse repertoire, including classical music with simplified arrangements, country and show tunes, presenting a concert for family & friends at the end of the semester. Students should be able to read music with relative proficiency.
Barnstable  |  July 9 - August 13  |  Tuesdays, 5:30-6:30pm  |  $119  |  Register



Teaching Artist: Lindsay Caputo
A laid-back class for adults who wish to begin or continue the study of classical ballet. Classes will consist of barre exercises that focus on proper alignment and technique. Center work will consist of a floor workout to strengthen the core and stretching exercises, to foster leg strength and flexibility. Center work will also introduce elementary steps, simple jumps, turns, and choreography to the student. No prior experience is necessary. Proper French vocabulary will be introduced and used throughout each class. Classes will be tailored to each individual's skill level. 
Adult ballet attire: Comfortable clothes that you can easily move in (nothing too baggy), ballet slippers. 
Falmouth  |  Thursdays, 3:30-4:30pm  |  JULY 11 - AUG 13  |  Tuition $147  | Register
Barnstable |  Tuesdays, 3-4pm  |  JULY 16 - AUG 20  |  Tuition $147  | Register



Teaching Artist: Lisa Jo Rudy

Finding your Angle ~ iPhone Photography for Amazing Pictures
Even the most beautiful views can result in poor photos unless they’re photographed correctly. In this workshop, you will gain confidence and control of the iPhone camera to take high-quality photos that will look like professional shots. Topics will include "how to find a subject," "how to compose a photo," "how to take sunset photos," "how to use lighting,” and tips for quality photos. Once you apply the techniques that pros use, you can photograph dramatic and personal scenes that tell powerful stories and convey emotion. This workshop includes a mini-field trip and “show and tell” of photos taken in class.
Barnstable |  Wednesday, July 10  |  4-6pm  |  $38  |  Register
Falmouth  |  Monday, July 29  |  10am-12pm  |  $38  |  Register

iPhone Photography ~ The Amazing Tools in Your Pocket
If you own an iPhone, you own a very fine camera along with a whole suite of tools for taking, organizing, and editing your photos. In this workshop, you’ll discover what’s “hidden” in your iPhone camera including tools for focusing, cropping, adjusting, sizing, organizing, sending, saving, and printing photos. You’ll also learn about some hard-to-find but useful iPhone tools for improving your photos and taking impressive action photos, panoramas, and more. At the end of the workshop you’ll be introduced to two FREE apps for improving your selfies and portraits and turning ordinary photos into “works of art.” For this workshop please download the free apps: Facetune 2 and Prisma
Barnstable  |  Thursday, July 11  |  4-6pm  |  $38  |  Register
Falmouth  |  Wednesday, July 31  |  9:30-11:30am  |  $38  |  Register

Creating Artistic iPhone Photos ~ Simple Apps and Tricks
Easy-to-use, low-cost apps make it easy to turn ordinary iPhone photographs into impressive works of art. Learn to use Enlight, Becasso, and HandyPhoto for simple and complex edits. You’ll discover tools for turning photos into “oil paintings,” melding multiple photos, creating “color pop” images, using an array of filters, and removing unwanted objects from your images.  This workshop is guaranteed to leave you inspired and ready to explore a whole new world of creativity. For this workshop please download these apps (total cost about $6):

  • Enlight Creative Photo Editing (BLUE version—not purple version)
  • Becasso
  • HandyPhoto

Barnstable |  Friday, July 12  |  4-6pm  |  $38  |  Register
Falmouth |  Friday, August 2  |  10am-12pm  |  $38  |  Register