summer programs 2019!


Summer Sounds Music Camp  |  ages 10-18

Join the ultimate band on Cape Cod, Summer Sounds! Founded in 2010, hundreds of budding musicians and singers have participated in this inspiring program. Students will enjoy week-long sessions in rock, pop and jazz bands. Throughout the week, they will develop their musicianship and vocal skills, receiving instruction from an all-star faculty. Special events include guest speakers, one-on-one instruction, and master classes with the pros. Students will dial-in their stage performance with a concert for family and friends at the end of the session. The only experience necessary is one year on an instrument or a passion for singing.  

~ Inspiring program for near-beginners through advanced musicians
~ Dynamic teaching artists
~ Diverse music genres, including jazz, rock, and pop
~ Your choice of session length, from one to four weeks! 
~ New repertoire each session

Dates & Times
Monday-Friday, 9:30am-2:30pm
Free early morning drop-off available

Early-bird discount: Register and pay in full by April 1 to receive a $30 off the first-week's tuition.
$260 per week
Take 10% each additional week

Ages & Experience
Students ages 10-18 with at least two school-years experience in voice or on an instrument. Students with less than this experience may be enrolled in the program, pending a basic evaluation of skills. 

Falmouth Campus: 
Session 1: July 8-12  |  Register
Session 2: July 15-19  |  Register

Barnstable Campus:
Session 3: July 22-26  |  Register
Session 4: July 29-Aug 2  |  Register

summer sounds ~ chamber music camp  |  Ages 10-18

This dynamic week-long camp is designed to give youth musicians an intimate and in-depth chamber music experience. Students will spend the week working in small groups, performing exciting repertoire, attending master classes, and receiving one-on-one instruction from some of Cape Cod's finest teaching artists. The week will culminate with a series of concerts featuring our professional ensemble in residence along with campers. Chamber Music Camp is open to students with a minimum of two years experience on any instrument. Pianists welcome!  

Barnstable  |  Monday - Friday, 9:30 AM - 2:30 PM  |  July 15-19  |  Tuition $260  |  Register



Falmouth STEAM Week  |  Ages 9-12

Teaching Artists: Corine Adams, Grace Simpkins, Jeanne Stewart, Danielle Velesig, and others

Guided by teachers and local experts, students will spend a day with each of five host organizations exploring Symbiosis: Humans and the Sea and how it influences science, technology, art, music, history—every part of our daily existence. Through special projects and adventures, students will discover how the concept of Symbiosis applies to environmental, artistic, and cultural spheres. Falmouth STEAM Week is a unique collaboration between the Cape Conservatory, Falmouth Art Center, Falmouth Museums on the Green, Falmouth Public Schools, Northeast Fisheries Science Center, Woods Hole Sea Grant, and Salt Pond Areas Bird Sanctuaries, Inc. Students and families are responsible for transportation to each location of STEAM week.

Session Dates:  June 24-28  |  9 AM — 1 PM  |  Tuition $175  |  Register

STEAM Week Schedule:

Explore the farm to discover creatures living in symbiotic relationships. Examine the pond and discover where the ocean comes into the back of the Bourne Farm property to see its effects on nature in that area.

Use various painting techniques to create beach and water-inspired papers, and incorporate them into mixed media art pieces.  We will also discuss some American artists and how the sea impacted their artwork.

Discover how Falmouth’s coastline led to maritime trade and how its economy, growth, and development were all intertwined with being a coastal community.

Students will spend the day with the internationally-renowned composer, violinist, and singer, Carla Kihlstedt. Through music, explore the powerful connection between humans and the ocean, including the important impact that humans have on the delicate ecosystems of the sea.

Explore the microscopic world of plankton that makes up the base of the marine food web and gives us much of our oxygen. Students will examine their unique shapes and sizes, build their own plankton, participate in "plankton races," and go "behind the scenes" in Woods Hole Village.

Conservatory Kids  |  Ages 3-7

Our Conservatory Kids summer program is a fun & educational adventure with a camping theme. Led by the Conservatory’s beloved preschool teachers, children will explore the science of nature, the art of astronomy, and the music of the wild. We will sing campfire songs, discover woodland animals, and read inspirational stories by flashlight. We will play games in the great outdoors, hunt for interesting rocks, flowers, and pinecones, and create cool works of art. Our nurturing and gifted teachers have guided this adventurous half-day camp for five years, seamlessly blending the young mixed-aged students in engaging and fun activities. 

Barnstable Campus  |  July 8—August 15, 9 AM—1 PM
Two class sessions:  Mondays & Wednesdays or Tuesdays & Thursdays
Faculty: Anne Kullas, Alyson Anderson, and Brooke Wood
Tuition $395 per session
Register Mondays & Wednesdays
Register Tuesdays & Thursdays

Extend your child's day of learning and fun by adding an afternoon Arts program:
Hip Hop/Jazz
Teaching Artist: Alyson Anderson
A high-energy introduction to hip-hop & jazz technique, including breakdancing, body isolations, freestyle, beginning acrobatics and more. We’ll learn hip-hop/jazz terminology, how to count music and find the beat, and we’ll choreograph a dance. Most of all, we’ll have fun and dance!
Barnstable  |  July 10- August 14  |  Wednesdays, 1-1:45pm |  $97  |  Register    


Sunny day art camp  |  Ages 3-7

Each day's an adventure in the Sunny Day Art Camp in Falmouth! Students will enjoy creative explorations of the Arts, including music lessons, art projects, and movement/dance. The students will participate in sing-alongs and musical petting zoos. They will get their wiggles out as our teaching artists lead them in creative movement and dance. Using famous artists’ techniques, children will also create great works of art with a variety of art mediums.  In the spirit of summer, they will enjoy plenty of free time for indoor and outdoor play.

Falmouth  |  Monday through Thursday, 9 AM—1 PM
Tuition: $160/session

Session 1:  July 8—July 11  |  Register
Session 2:  July 15—18  |  Register
Session 3:  July 22—25  |  Register
Session 4:  July 29—August 1  |  Register
Session 5:  August 5—8  |  Register
Session 6:  August 12—15  |  Register

Artful Adventures  |  Ages 7-12

Artful Adventures is a dynamic interdisciplinary arts camp, for children ages 7-12. Each unique week of camp is built around an exciting and relevant artistic theme, which campers will spend the week exploring, through music, visual art, and other artistic mediums. Led by an inspired and experienced Teaching Artist, campers can expect to create their own art work, learn new musical skills, participate in exciting lessons with guest artists, and make great new friends! Each week of camp ends with an informal showcase! 




Session 1:  July 8-12  |  BANKSY AND BUSKING
Street artists and sidewalk serenaders, this week is for you! Spend a week learning about a tradition of art and music making that stretches back to ancient times: street performance! Students will explore the history and music of notable street performers, from the early days of European Romani buskers, all the way up to current artists, such as Ed Sheeran. Students will also learn about and practice creating the many different forms of street art, including graffiti and the work of famous artist, Banksy. The week will culminate with an opportunity for students to spray paint a structure at the Cape Conservatory!
Barnstable  |  9:30am-12:30pm, Monday-Friday  |  Register
Falmouth  |  1:30-4:30pm, Monday-Friday  |  Register

Session 2: July 15-19  |  CAPE COD CARNAVAL
Spend a week in South America, without ever leaving Cape Cod! During this week, campers will learn about and try their hand at making the colorful and vibrant folk art of Brazil, as well as exploring the universally beloved styles of Brazilian jazz music. Students will also explore the Capoeira, a form of Brazilian martial arts that combines indigenous music, dance, and acrobatics. This week of camp will include hands-on experience with musical instruments and a visit from an authentic Brazilian band!
Barnstable  |  9:30am-12:30pm, Monday-Friday  |  Register
Falmouth  |  1:30-4:30pm, Monday-Friday  |  Register

Session 3: July 22-26  |  READY, PLAYER ONE!
Did you know that it takes an incredible team of visual artists and musicians to create the video games that we enjoy? Gamers, musicians, and artists are invited to enjoy a week of exploring all the ways that the arts impact our favorite games. Campers will learn about the drawing and animation skills required to create video games and try their hands at creating their own characters, using both digital and traditional art media. We’ll explore some of the most iconic video game tunes (Tetris, anyone?) and learn to recreate them, using our own instruments. Campers will also get to show off their hard-earned “flossing” skills, in a Fortnite-inspired dance routine!
Barnstable  |  9:30am-12:30pm, Monday-Friday  |  Register
Falmouth  |  1:30-4:30pm, Monday-Friday  |  Register

Session 4: July 29-Aug 2  |  iART!
More than ever, the arts are literally at our fingertips! During this week of camp, participants will explore the many ways that technology enhances our ability to create and interact with art. Using iPads (provided by the Conservatory), campers will explore several different applications designed to develop drawing skills, color theory familiarity, and a sense of creativity. Students will learn some basic parameters of digital photography and photo editing, while trying their hands at iPhone/iPad photography. We will also be exploring the GarageBand application and experiment with composing music. A high point of this week will be learning drawing and sculpting skills, using 3D pens! *Materials fee of $30, required for this week of camp.
Barnstable  |  9:30am-12:30pm, Monday-Friday  |  Register
Falmouth  |  1:30-4:30pm, Monday-Friday  |  Register

Session 5: Aug 5-9  |  POP ROCKS!
Spend a week exploring the work of two of our culture’s most iconic creators: Andy Warhol and the Beatles! Campers can look forward to embracing their inner rockstars as they learn to sing and play some of the Beatles’ most beloved tunes, as well as try their own hands at songwriting. Participants will also create artwork in the style of Andy Warhol and learn about how his artistic influence is still present in much of our current visual landscape!
Barnstable  |  9:30am-12:30pm, Monday-Friday  |  Register
Falmouth  |  1:30-4:30pm, Monday-Friday  |  Register

Session 6: Aug 12-16  |  WHO TELLS YOUR STORY?
We hope none of our young artists will be “throwing away their shot” at spending a week with the music of “Hamilton” and the art that defined the American Revolution. While students work on mini scenes from Lin-Manuel Miranda’s award-winning musical, they will also learn about the art of political cartooning and how it was used to tell America’s story. Students will also explore the storytelling capabilities of fiber art, by creating their own flags!
Barnstable  |  9:30am-12:30pm, Monday-Friday  |  Register
Falmouth  |  1:30-4:30pm, Monday-Friday  |  Register    



For those who have always wanted to play the piano! Students will learn several simple songs, but more importantly, they will obtain the tools necessary to play for their own enjoyment at any time. Level 1 classes include a music book.

BARNSTABLE CAMPUS (Teaching Artists Joe Dudzinski (Thursdays) and Chris Morris (Wednesdays):
LEVEL 1  |  July 11 - August 15  |  Thursdays, 5:30-6:30pm  |  $170  |  Register
LEVEL 1  |  July 10 - August 14  |  Wednesdays, 2:15-3:15pm  |  $170  |  Register
LEVEL 2  |  July 10 - August 14  |  Wednesdays, 3:15-4:15pm  |  $150  |  Register

FALMOUTH CAMPUS (Teaching Artist Fred Johnson):
LEVEL 1  |  July 9 - July 25 |  Tuesdays & Thursdays, 4-5pm  |  $170  |  Register
LEVEL 1  |  July 10 - August 14  |  Wednesdays, 5-6pm  |  $170  |  Register
LEVEL 2  |  July 10 - August 14  |  Wednesdays, 6-7pm  |  $150  |  Register


If you love to sing, but only feel comfortable singing on your own, this small, supportive group class is for you!  Students will develop and improve their vocal range, pitch, tone, breathing, phrasing and more! In just six sessions, adults will learn to sing a few simple songs with confidence.
Barnstable  |  July 8 - August 12  |  Mondays, 5:30-6:30pm  |  $118  |  Register



Open to adults who have relative or secure confidence in their singing ability and would like to sing with an ensemble. Along with weekly rehearsals, Encore Adult Singers will occasionally participate in casual public performances. Repertoire selections are diverse and enjoyable.
Barnstable  |  July 8 - August 12  |  Mondays, 6:30-7:30pm  |  $118  |  Register


Using songs from the American Songbook, brush up your vocal skills.  The class will cover breathing, tone, diction, phrasing and performance skills, while enjoying some of the most beloved American Standards.
Falmouth  |  July 9 - August 13  |  Tuesdays, 6:30-7:30pm  |  $118  |  Register



A fun, hands-on music class for preschoolers! Each eight-week session will introduce students to new instruments, musical concepts, basic musical notation, and significant musical works of various genres, through a variety of movement activities, games, and songs. Music will be used to teach participants different social pragmatics and to develop important critical listening skills. Students will also develop their singing voices, sense of rhythm, and use musical technology to further ear training and overall music development. 
Falmouth  |  July 9 - August 13  |  Tuesdays, 1-2pm  |  $89  |  Register


A fun-filled introduction to playing the piano!  We will sing, move, and play while learning finger numbers, basic rhythmic patterns, keyboard geography (blacks and whites), and active listening. Students will use digital pianos as well as rhythm instruments and iPads to learn about music.  At the end of the six-week course, students will be familiar with the piano and able to play a few fun songs.
Falmouth  |  July 10 - August 14  |  Wednesdays, 1-2pm  |  $126  |  Register

PIANO EXPLORERS  |  Ages 5-11  

Teaching Artists: Chris Morris (Barnstable) & Rosemarie Manganello (Falmouth)
Group piano classes are the perfect way to explore and experience the joy of music. Students are taught in small groups in a FUN, positive, enthusiastic atmosphere. Piano Explorers emphasizes ear training, keyboard skills, rhythm, phrasing, fingering, singing, staff reading, improvisation, and composition. Our new digital keyboard laboratory is enhanced with iPads to enrich the student experience, exploring a variety of music-technology apps.

Ages 5-7  |  
Wednesdays, 4:15-5pm   |  JULY 10 - AUG 14 |  Tuition $115  |   Register
Ages 8-11  |  Wednesdays, 5-5:45pm   |  JULY 10 - AUG 14  |  Tuition $115  |    Register

Ages 5-7  | 
Wednesdays, 10-10:45am  |  JULY 10 - AUG 14  |  Tuition $115  |  Register
Ages 8-11  (Level 2)  |  Wednesdays, 11-11:45am |  JULY 10 - AUG 14  |  Tuition $115  |    Register

INTRO TO UKULELE  |  Ages 7-12

There’s a lot of music in a little ukulele!  The "world's friendliest instrument" is a great place for students of all ages to begin an exploration into string instruments.  No experience is necessary; students pick up chords and strumming techniques easily, hearing their own progress after just a class or two.  Playing and performing with new friends makes learning even more interactive and relaxed.  Students may borrow a ukulele from the Conservatory for class, but should have on at home for practice.
Falmouth  |  July 10 - August 14  |  Wednesdays, 1-1:45pm  |  $77  |  Register


A multigenerational ensemble for string students of all ages & skill levels. Students develop technical and rhythmic skills through the ensemble experience, in a low-pressure setting. The group performs a diverse repertoire, including classical music with simplified arrangements, country and show tunes, presenting a concert for family & friends at the end of the semester. Students should be able to read music with relative proficiency.
Barnstable  |  July 9 - August 13  |  Tuesdays, 5:30-6:30pm  |  $119  |  Register



Teaching Artist:  Meg Johnson (Falmouth)
Pop, rock, hip-hop and Disney soundtracks set the beat for this energizing class.  Get your wiggles out! 

Falmouth  |  Thursdays, 1-1:30pm  |  JULY 11 - AUG 15  |  Tuition $97  |  Register

HIP-HOP/JAZZ  |  Ages 3-5

Teaching Artist: Alyson Anderson (Barnstable) and Meg Johnson (Falmouth)
A high-energy introduction to hip-hop & jazz technique, including breakdancing, body isolations, freestyle, beginning acrobatics and more. We’ll learn hip-hop/jazz terminology, how to count music and find the beat, and we’ll choreograph a dance. Most of all, we’ll have fun and dance!

Barnstable  |  Wednesdays, 1-1:45pm  |  JULY 10 - AUG 14  |   Tuition $97  |  Register
Falmouth |  Mondays, 1-1:30pm  |  JULY 8 - AUG 12  |  Tuition $63  |  Register

PRE-BALLET  |  Ages 3-6

Teaching Artists: Jane Caputo (Barnstable), Lindsay Caputo (Falmouth / Mondays), Meg Johnson (Falmouth / Saturdays)
This Leap N Learn program is a great starting place for young dancers’ to “leap” into a full suite of technique classes at the Conservatory. Students learn basic French ballet vocabulary, stretching, creativity and musicality while having fun in a safe, nurturing environment. Pre-Ballet attire: pink leotard, pink tights, pink ballet slippers.

Barnstable |  Wednesdays, 4:45-5:15  |  JULY 17 - AUG 21  |  Tuition $81  |  Register
Falmouth   |  Mondays, 3:45-4:15pm  |  JULY 8 - AUG 12  |  Tuition $81  |  Register
Falmouth   |  Saturdays, 9-9:30am  |  JULY 13 - AUG 19  |  Tuition $81  |  Register



Teaching Artists: Jane Caputo (Barnstable), Lindsay Caputo (Falmouth / Mondays), Meg Johnson (Falmouth / Saturdays)
Young dancers gain knowledge of French ballet terms while continuing safe stretching, and engaging in creative music and movement. Students are prepared for the continuation of the Conservatory’s full suite of technique classes and the opportunity for Repertoire II. Elementary Ballet attire: pink leotard, pink tights, pink ballet slippers.

Barnstable  |  Tuesdays, 4:30-5:15pm  |  JULY 16 - AUG 20  |  Tuition $110  |  Register
Falmouth   |  Mondays, 4:15-5pm  |  JULY 8 - AUG 12  |  Tuition $110
Falmouth   |  Saturdays, 9:30-10:15am |  JULY 13 - AUG 19  |  Tuition $110  |  Register

BALLET 1  |  AGes 7-11

Teaching Artist:  Lindsay Caputo 
Based on the Vaganova Method, this level focuses on placement, posture, and poise. Students will develop a sense of teamwork as they learn barre, center combinations and phrasing. Students will be evaluated for Repertoire II. Attire: pink leotard, pink tights, pink ballet slippers. 
Falmouth  |  July 8 - AUG 12  |  Mondays, 5-5:45pm  |  Tuition $113  |  Register


BALLET 2  |  Ages 8-13

Teaching Artist: Jane Caputo (Tuesdays) and Lindsay Caputo (Falmouth)
Students will expand on their technique and ballet vocabulary while increasing strength. Students will be evaluated for Repertoire 1 or 2. *
*Two technique classes per week are strongly recommended. Attire: white leotard, pink tights, pink ballet slippers.

Barnstable  |  Ages 8-10  |  Tuesdays, 5:15-6:15pm  |  JULY 16- AUG 20  |  Tuition $149  |  Register
Falmouth  |  Ages 8-13  |  Thursdays, 4:30-5:30pm  |  JULY 11 - AUG 13  |  Tuition $149  |  Register


BALLET 3/4 (POINTE 1)  |  Ages 13+

Teaching Artist: Jane Caputo
Students learn beginning Pointe, strength, speed, vocabulary and more advanced techniques.
*For students at our Barnstable campus, both the Wednesday & Friday classes are required; an additional technique class per week is recommended.

Wednesdays, 5:15-6:30pm   |  JULY 17 - AUG 21  |   Tuition $180  |  Register
Fridays, 4:15-5:15pm  |  JULY 19 - AUG 23  |  Tuition $180  |  Register

BALLET 5/6 (POINTE 2)  |  Ages 13+

Teaching Artist: Jane Caputo (Barnstable)
Students continue in pointe, developing strength, speed, and flexibility. Students will learn emphasis on artistry, phrasing, choreography, corps de ballet and soloist variations for repertoire and performing.*
*At this level, two technique classes per week are required. Three technique classes are strongly recommended.
Barnstable  |  Tuesdays & Fridays  |  Tuition $196
Tuesdays, 6:15-7:45pm   |  JULY 16 - AUG 20  |  Register
Fridays, 6:15-7:45pm  |  JULY 19 - AUG 23  |  Register

BALLET VARIATIONS (5/6)  |  Ages 13+

Teaching Artist: Jane Caputo
Students will refine their pointe technique. They will build strength and artistry while learning new skills and classical variations.  Students will perform solos or demi solos such as "Giselle," "Carmen," "La Esmeralda," "Paquita" and "Sugar Plum Fairy" as well as new choreography from the Artistic Director.
*Two other technique classes per week are mandatory for this class.
Barnstable  |  Wednesdays, 6:30-7:45pm  |  JULY 17 - AUG 21  |  Tuition $180  |  Register



Teaching Artist: Jane Caputo
Students of different levels will work together to learn, rehearse and perform full-length ballets. Students will have the opportunity to work with professional ballet dancers and be part of the Conservatory's performance troupe.*
*Requires  enrollment in technique classes (levels 3/4 & up) and the instructor’s invitation to join
*Attire is the student’s regular class level attire
Barnstable  |  Fridays, 5:15-6:15pm  |  JULY 19 - AUG 23  |  Tuition $149
Please see Artistic Director regarding audition.



Teaching Artist: Lindsay Caputo
A laid-back class for adults who wish to begin or continue the study of classical ballet. Classes will consist of barre exercises that focus on proper alignment and technique. Center work will consist of a floor workout to strengthen the core and stretching exercises, to foster leg strength and flexibility. Center work will also introduce elementary steps, simple jumps, turns, and choreography to the student. No prior experience is necessary. Proper French vocabulary will be introduced and used throughout each class. Classes will be tailored to each individual's skill level. 
Adult ballet attire: Comfortable clothes that you can easily move in (nothing too baggy), ballet slippers. 
Falmouth  |  Thursdays, 3:30-4:30  |  JULY 11 - AUG 13  |  Tuition $147  | Register



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