Elements: Hip Hop for Instrumentalists

Elements: Hip Hop for Instrumentalists

Ages 13-18
Campus Barnstable
Dates & Times March 5-26
Thurs., 6-7 PM 
Tuition: $90

Emerging from an underground scene in the Bronx and Brooklyn, the musical elements of
Hip Hop are now found in Broadway musicals, jazz, pop, and virtually every genre around
the globe, reaching further than any other contemporary style of music in modern history.
In this four-part, interactive workshop, each session will focus on a different era of Hip Hop and the defining musical elements. Together, the class will create and record a song based on what they learned. Participants should have least one year of experience playing their instrument. All instruments are welcome and encouraged to participate.

“Hip-hop music is in virtually every style of music and what makes up this sound are certain elements that come from history and its tradition. Understanding these elements is crucial for any instrumentalist; that’s why I created this course.” –Joe Baer Magnant

  • Learn the historical context of different styles of hip hop
  • Discover the art of musical manipulation: layering sounds, styles, and patterns
  • Record examples of lessons with other students
  • Prepare for the future demands of being an instrumentalist

Barnstable Campus
March 5 - 26  |  Thursdays, 6 - 7 PM  |  $90  |  Register

Week One (March 5th):  1982-1987, Golden Age
Production Spotlight: Larry Smith
Musical Elements: Breakbeats, DJisms (scratching, juggling, mixing)

Week Two (March 12th):  1987-1992, Classic Era
Production Spotlight: A Tribe Called Quest: Low-End Theory
Musical Elements: Layering samples from different sources, manipulation

Week Three (March 19th):  1992-1997, Renaissance Period
Production Spotlight: DJ Premier and J Dilla (Nas)
Musical Elements: Triggering samples, live bands, the resurgence of soul/R&B

Week Four (March 26th):  Modern 
Production Spotlight: Oddisee
Musical Elements: Blurring the lines between sampling and live performances

Pre-Requisite: One or more years of experience on an instrument. 

Joe Baer Magnant
(Guitar, Ukulele, Digital Music)
Joe Baer Magnant - Guitar, Ukulele, Digital Music

Cape Cod Community College (AA)
Berklee College of Music (BA)

Joe's continuing mission is to strengthen and diversify the knowledge and skill of each student by supporting their personal and cultural connections to music while also building the skills to analyze music objectively and with an open mind. In 2016, he published his first method book, The Guitarist's Palette, and is currently writing additional volumes to create a complete series. He is patient with students of all skill levels, ages, and interest. 

Growing up in a small town in Vermont, Joe Baer Magnant began playing the guitar at the age of five and learned the value of having access to music education through a thriving music department at his high school. He continued his education at Berklee College of Music and Cape Cod Community College, focusing his studies on music performance, childhood development, and music education. After several years of performing and teaching extensively on Cape Cod and in the Boston area, he moved to the San Francisco Bay Area, where he shared the stage with some of the most legendary acts in soul music and recorded for labels across the country in the styles of R&B/soul, jazz, blues, and rock. As a dedicated instructor for almost two decades, he has taught hundreds of students, some of whom have been accepted into the most prestigious institutions in the country.

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