Intro to Ukulele for Teens & Adults

Intro to Ukulele for Teens & Adults

Ages Ages 13+
Campus Barnstable
Dates & Times July 7-August 11
Tuesdays, 5:30-6:30 PM 
Tuition: $130

The "world's friendliest instrument" is a great place for students of all ages to begin an exploration into string instruments.  No experience is necessary; students pick up chords and strumming techniques easily, hearing their own progress after just a class or two.  Playing and performing with new friends makes learning even more interactive and relaxed.  Students may borrow a ukulele from the Conservatory for class, but should have one at home for practice.

Barnstable Campus
Teaching Artist: Joe Scott
July 7-August 11 | Tuesdays, 5:30-6:30 PM | Ages 13+ | $130 | Register


Joseph Scott
(Guitar, Ukulele)
Joseph Scott - Guitar, Ukulele

In my work as a teacher of the guitar, I try to help a student discover the beauty of the sound of the instrument and the range of expression it makes possible, while developing a flexible and efficient technique. The instrument is truly the most versatile, and also one of the most challenging, and often requires long exploration and different approaches before a guitarist arrives at what one might call his true voice. In my teaching of students of all ages and backgrounds, I try to find the music and style that will resonate with that particular person to result in joyful music making. In working with young students of the Suzuki guitar method, many beginning at age 6 and continuing through high school,  I’ve experienced the wonderful development of the whole person that can, in part, be attributed to patient guitar study. 

Teaching Bio
Joseph Scott began to play the guitar in his teens, at first self-tutored, passing through phases of folk music and rock and roll, learning by ear while learning to read. After taking a degree in English from the University of Massachusetts, (May 1973), he began another period of exploration including forays into folk music, blues and ragtime, and of course, more rock and roll. At the same time he began his first formal study of the classical guitar, while teaching at home and in music stores and playing and singing in rock bands. Following further private study, and some classroom English teaching, he enrolled in Boston Conservatory, graduating summa cum laude in 1985, in applied classical guitar. Since 1986, Mr. Scott has taught at Cape Cod Conservatory, Powers Music School, Belmont,  Franklin School for the Performing Arts, Milton Academy (1986-2007), and South Shore Conservatory. In 2007, he joined the faculty of Worcester State College, where he conducts a guitar class, and individual lessons. As a student and practitioner of the Suzuki Method for guitar since 1999, Joe has had his most gratifying teaching successes, assisting students from the earliest stages to advanced ability. 
Performance Bio
Guitarist, Joseph Scott has been performing on guitar, lute, and in vocal ensembles in a wide range of styles since his teens. As a vocalist member of the rock band Ford Theatre, he recorded two albums for ABC Records in the late 60s, and he continued to play guitar and sing in rock and folk music until becoming serious about the classical guitar in his early twenties. After a number of short periods of study with private teachers, he completed a Bachelor of Music degree at Boston Conservatory, and has been performing in the Boston to Cape Cod region ever since. His most recent performances include solo guitar recitals at Worcester State College, and the Woods Hole, MA Church of the Messiah summer concert series. Mr. Scott has also performed with The Cape Cod Symphony, the Rhode Island Philharmonic, The Boston University Opera, and the Colorado String Quartet.