Falmouth Steam Week

Falmouth Steam Week

Ages 9-12
Campus Falmouth
Dates & Times June 24-28
9 AM-1 PM 
Tuition: $175

Guided by teachers and local experts, students will spend a day with each of five host organizations exploring Symbiosis: Humans and the Sea and how it influences science, technology, art, music, history—every part of our daily existence. Through special projects and adventures, students will discover how the concept of Symbiosis applies to environmental, artistic, and cultural spheres.

Falmouth STEAM Week is a unique collaboration between:
Cape Conservatory
Falmouth Art Center
Falmouth Museums on the Green
Falmouth Public Schools
Northeast Fisheries Science Center
Woods Hole Sea Grant
Salt Pond Areas Bird Sanctuaries, Inc.

Students should provide their own transportation. 

A unique collaboration with five dynamic Falmouth organizations

Students spend one day at each of the organizations exploring science, technology, art, history, music, and more

See Class Schedule for exciting daily activities 


June 24-28  |  9 AM — 1 PM 

Explore the farm to discover creatures living in symbiotic relationships. Examine the pond and discover where the ocean comes into the back of the Bourne Farm property to see its effects on nature in that area.

Use various painting techniques to create beach and water-inspired papers, and incorporate them into mixed media art pieces.  We will also discuss some American artists and how the sea impacted their artwork.

Discover how Falmouth’s coastline led to maritime trade and how its economy, growth, and development were all intertwined with being a coastal community.

Students will spend the day with the internationally-renowned composer, violinist, and singer, Carla Kihlstedt. Through music, explore the powerful connection between humans and the ocean, including the important impact that humans have on the delicate ecosystems of the sea.

Explore the microscopic world of plankton that makes up the base of the marine food web and gives us much of our oxygen. Students will examine their unique shapes and sizes, build their own plankton, participate in "plankton races," and go "behind the scenes" in Woods Hole Village.

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